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Haveli brings the true flavours and culture of India to life with our carefully crafted cuisine that is served in a contemporary yet stylish setting. We draw influences from all the major food regions of India to tantalise your taste buds. We pride ourselves in the use of locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and flavour them with freshly ground Indian spices Combining classical Indian recipes and traditional cooking techniques, Haveli creates a true culinary experience for our guests.

Haveli is a multi-award winning restaurant offering a truly exceptional dining experience that combines the richness and diversity of authentic Indian cuisine with the elegance of fine dining. We are proud of our achievements below as they are a testament to our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and reflect our dedication to providing exceptional quality and value to our esteemed guests.

Join us and taste the difference!

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Our Story, Our Journey

Haveli is a term commonly used to describe a traditional grand mansion in India and is a symbol of India's rich cultural heritage. Typically characterized by its grand architecture and intricate craftsmanship, these magnificent and majestic monuments were often used for hosting large gatherings and other celebrations. Haveli provides a glimpse into India’s glorious past and offers a unique and unforgettable experience to its visitors. And we try to do the same for our guests too.

We are passionate about sharing our love of rich, authentic Indian cuisine with our guests and therefore invite you to come and experience the true flavours of India with us.

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Haveli is home to some of the most authentic tasting Indian cuisines offering a fine dining experience to its guests.



Our creative selection of cocktails uniquely captures the essence of Indian flavours and spices, perfectly complementing our cuisine

Our Dining Room

As you step inside our restaurant, the rich colourful ambiance and ornate decor transports you to a traditional Indian Haveli, or a grand mansion. From our exquisite decor to our attentive staff, every detail has been carefully considered to create an atmosphere of refined elegance. We are proud to bring you a truly exceptional dining experience that combines the richness of Indian cuisine with the elegance of fine dining.

Our dining room benefits from HEPA Filtration with upto X10 air changes every hour, there by making our dining room extremely safe and hygienic. Additionally, our tables have been setup with generous spacing for the safety and comfort of our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you to Haveli!


your special occasion with us

Looking to host an unforgettable event with great style and one that will leave ever lasting memories? Our restaurant and our team are available to host your special event be it a birthday party, a family dinner or a pre wedding event, speak to us today on how to make your special day even more special! We would love to discuss how to be part of your celebrations

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